Erik Hollnagel

Ph.D., Professor, Professor Emeritus

A semi-chronological list of (good?) ideas that I have had the opportunity - or good luck - to work on and/or contribute to.

Cognitive Systems Engineering (with David D. Woods)

The NO View of "Human Error"

Goals-Means Task Analysis (GMTA)

Phenotypes and genotypes (of erroneous actions)

CREAM - Cognitive Reliability And Error Analysis Method

COCOM (Contextual Control Model)

ECOM (Extended Control Model)

Resilience Engineering (with David Woods and others)

The ETTO Principle

FRAM (the Functional Resonance Analysis Method)

  • The FRAM has its own web page here.
  • The FRAMily also has its own group on LinkedIn.

RAG (the Resilience Assessment Grid)

Resilient Health Care Net

  • The Resilient Health Care Net has its own web page here.
  • The Resilient Health Care Net also has its own group on LinkedIn.
  • And you might also want to look at the following books: Resilient Health Care, The Resilience of Everyday Clinical Work, and Reconciling Work-As-Imagine and Work-As-Done.

Safety-I and Safety-II

  • An introduction to Safety-I and Safety-II can be found here.
  • And of course in the book "Safety-I and Safety-II". You may also want to check the Safety Synthesis webpage.

Safety Synthesis

  • Safety Synthesis has its own web page here.

Half-baked ideas are a kind of memory dump. These are things that I have started to work on but then either suspended (usually because of lack of time) or given up, at least for the time being. If you find anything of interest here, and would like to explore it further, please get in touch.

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