Coping with computers in the cockpit

Erik Hollnagel

Ph.D., Professor, Professor Emeritus


Dekker, S. W. A. & Hollnagel, E. (Eds.), (1999). Coping with computers in the cockpit. Aldershot, UK: Asgate.


Computers in the Cockpit: Practical Problems Cloaked as Progress


Another book on aviation automation ? Well, perhaps this is not a book on aviation automation per se. It is a book, rather, on how an entire industry is coping with aviation automation. Or more precisely, on how it is coping with the human consequences of automation that it has fielded over the last two decades. The aviation domain, and the cockpit in particular, has always been seen to be on the forefront of technological and human-machine interface developments. From one angle, progress in the cockpit has been enormous, compared, say, with the technological state of the typical enroute air traffic control centre. But from another angle, such perceived progress has merely been the wrapping around a large

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