Resilience Engineering Perspectives: Vol 1

Erik Hollnagel

Ph.D., Professor, Professor Emeritus


Hollnagel, E., Nemeth, C. P. & Dekker, S. W. A. (Eds.) (2008). Resilience Engineering Perspectives, Volume 1: Remaining Sensitive to the Possibility of Failure. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.

Efforts Resilience Engineering in a Nutshell

Since the publishing of Resilience Engineering: Concepts and Precepts (Hollnagel, Woods & Leveson, 2006), there has been considerable interest for what this approach to system safety really means and how resilience engineering can be brought into practice. At times the curiosity has been tempered by reasonable scepticism and doubts whether resilience engineering really is something new. This is, of course, a welcome challenge, and one that fortunately can be answered by an unqualified Yes and No. It can be answered in the positive because resilience engineering does offer a different approach to system safety as this book, and the previous, demonstrates. And it can be answered in the negative because resilience engineering does not require that methods and techniques that have been developed across industries over several

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