Resilient Health Care

Erik Hollnagel

Ph.D., Professor, Professor Emeritus


Hollnagel, E., Braithwaite, J. & Wears, R. L. (Eds.) (2013). Resilient Health Care. Farnham, UK: Ashgate.

Japanese translation: レジリエント・ヘルスケア 複雑適応システムを制御する. Tokyo: e-hon. (2016)

Preface: On the Need for Resilience in Health Care

This book provides the first comprehensive description of resilient health care, henceforth referred to as RHC. Since there are probably only a few who, at the time of publication, have a clear idea about what this means, some words of introduction are appropriate. The simple explanation is that RHC is the application of the concepts and methods of resilience engineering to the field of health care, and in particular to the problems of patient safety. A more detailed explanation and exemplification are provided in the chapters that follow.

The motivation for RHC is threefold, as explained in this preface. The first is the sorry state of affairs in health care. The second is that attempts to improve this so far have had limited success. The third is the potential offer-

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